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Company profile

S A Apparels & Knitting Mills was incorporated in the year 2012. S A Apparels is a fully setup to manufacture high quality Knit, Denim and Woven garments for Children and Men’s, using in-house fabrics. S A Apparels is equipped to produce a wide range of all-over printed fabrics (reactive, disperse, acid and pigments) using a variety of designs provided by the buyer and/or from S A Apparels design department. The fabric can be circular knit or warp knit, 100% cotton, polyester, nylon or various blends, with or without elastane, yarn dyed or solid dyed, all from in-house source. The sewing lines are equipped to produce garments starting from the basic.

Men’s hooded sport jackets based on our customer’s designs. The total production capacity of the S A Apparels is 80000 – 90000 pieces per month, with sufficient flexibility to allow 25-40% additional capacity of any one of the items.

Sewing Denim Jeans @ S A Apparels

Producing 100% cotton, knit t-shirts @ S A Apparels

S A Apparels & Knitting Mills is a 100% export oriented Knitting, Dyeing & Finishing and Garment manufacturing Company. S A Apparels started commercial production in 2012. S A Apparels specializes in men’s and children-wear and the present production capacity is about 2 million pieces/year. S A Apparels uses a large variety of circular-knit and warp-knit fabrics produced exclusively by the company’s fabrics department, from a wide range of fibers, with or without spandex and yarn dyed or solid dyed.

For the last 3 years S A Apparels has been a regular supplier to some of the largest retail chain stores of Europe, America, Srilanka, India, Middle East, Philippines, South Africa, South Korea. S A Apparels has an enviable reputation as an international garment manufacturer based on a simple but unwavering philosophy of high quality products. All materials are tested in its own laboratory equipped with modern textile testing equipment. The company adheres to all the National and International laws on labor employment. ASKML fully complies with all the environmental and labor Code of Conduct required by major retail stores of Europe and USA.